Smart 911

Arkansas was the first to adopt the Smart911 program statewide which individuals to voluntarily provide potentially life saving information to 911 Operators.

This free service is available at and is used to create a custom Safety Profile for 911 Operators to pass along additional information to responding units.  This becomes especially important when the person is non-responsive or on critical issues such as house fires.  The program is completely voluntary and can be used to keep record of:

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Fire Safety

Part of our duty as Firemen is education and Fire Safety.  A little bit of knowledge can end up saving a life but it's easy to take that for granted or write it off as one of those things "I'll get to later".

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BC Alert

Benton County now offers an alert notification system open to the public so that during an emergency or crisis you can receive alerts electronically or even using the plain old telephone system.

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New Website

Well it's been a long time coming but we are finally retiring the old website format.  

It served it's purpose well enough but the days of the hand-coded websites are numbered and they just don't hold up well when it comes to multiple people creating content.  

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