GFD 100th Anniversary

This year has marked our 100th year of fire service to Gentry and the surrounding community.  US Congressman Steve Womack offered these remarks for the occasion.



Ladder Rescue

 Here's a video of the Housten Fire Dept rescuing a trapped worker from a burning apartment building.  The person on the ladder doesn't seem too happy with the other guy climbing up behind him. The worker pulls an impressive real world acrobatic move to get himself to a (somewhat) safer location.   Make sure you watch it all the way through!




 Here's a hard rocking video courtesy of Rocky Mountain Arsenal Firefighter Thomas Rogers.  It's not everyday you get to see a swirling bunch of fiery tumbleweeds set to thrash metal.  Staying out of the way seemed like a good response.  




Broken Hydrant

For anybody who has ever manned a 2.5" line the picture below probably isn't that surprising.  This  happened in Southern California and was abandoned, subsequently leading authorities to believe the car was stolen.

car lifted by hydrant




Since our last article (waay too long ago) Gentry FD has started testing with a program called Active911.  This program allows our responders to indicate if they are responding (important for a Volunteer Dept) as well as provides an extra alarm tone (in the event a pager died or it's one of those 3am calls).  Most importantly however, is that it also provides a GPS map link to the incident.

There are some additional features such as Reporting and integration with their data via an API (Application Programming Interface) that we have not yet explored but for the price of about $11 per phone per year it's a pretty good deal and conceivably could end up making a difference on calls.

If your Department doesn't have something like this I highly recommend giving them a try as they have a free trial period.  You can download the application for free from Google Play or Apple's AppStore and signup on their website at .